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Can I copy and paste the card ID Code into the ID Code field on the order form?
Yes. See the animation below.

Should I include the Card Dimensions or just the ID Code?
Just the ID Code. See the animation below.

Can I order multiple cards in the one order form?
It's much easier for both the customer and Cardsposted4u to process each card order through separate order forms
because the recipient and personalisation details need to be different for each separate card.

The order form is on each page of the gallery can I use the order form on any of the pages?

Can I order cards to be sent to myself instead of a recipient, so I can post them myself?

What does “LE” in some ID Codes stand for?
Limited Edition, we can only produce one or a very small amount of this card.

Can I order multiple cards?
Yes, multiples would depend on if they are LE (limited edition) or not.
5 cards + have a 5% discount.
10 cards + have a 10% discount.
Postage price to be negotiated according to amounts and destinations.

Can I request a custom made card?
Yes, (Price Negotiable)
We need to know what you want exactly.
You can email us your own photos and they can be put on to cards. We will provide instructions for emailing pics when we receive your order.
Otherwise cards can be made using any of the photos seen on any of the cards on this site.

Do you make all sorts of greeting cards?
Yes and if you have any other type of card, greeting or sentiment in mind let us know , go to
Contact Us
Here is a list of some of the cards cardsposted4u makes generally;
birthday , sympathy , fathers day , mothers day, anniversary ,
christmas , thank you , wedding, engagement , invitations and valentines day.

Can I request a name and address (sender) to be put on the back of the envelope?
Yes, just request it and include those details in the Order Form.
(Each envelope will also include a “Cardsposted4u” sticker on the back of the envelope.)

Can I pre-order a card required to be sent at a later date?
Yes, the date the card is required to be received will be required in the order form message box

How long after ordering will the order be confirmed?
After the order is received it will be confirmed within 24 hours on business days (otherwise allow for weekends and public holidays).

How long after payment is made before the card is posted?
After payment is received the cards will be posted within 24 hours on business days (otherwise allow for weekends and public holidays).

How long do the cards take to be delivered after they have been posted?
Cards posted to anywhere in Australia ; allow for up to 4 business days.
Cards posted to anywhere outside Australia; allow for up to 10 business days.

Are the card prices GST inclusive?
No GST required
for the cards.

What are the payment methods?
Visa, Master Card (credit and debit) or Paypal. If you can't pay by those methods let us know when you order and we can arrange a bank transfer.

Do I need a Paypal account?
No, you will be able to pay using Visa or Master Card (credit and debit cards) simply and easily.
You will receive your Paypal invoice confirmation email. Follow the prompts from the Paypal invoice to the payment page and look for the option below.

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Copy and paste ID Code example.

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Further inquiries please go to Contact Us



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