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Cardsposted4u, handcrafted, limited edition greeting cards and envelopes by Marcia B, posted for you with a personalised message.

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About us

I like making cards as a hobby, just as a relaxing artistic outlet.

I made cards for family and friends local, interstate and overseas, for all occasions.

The recipients all commented on the cards, about how personalised they were with

so much time, thought and care taken to make the card.

Each card is clearly handcrafted, they are layered or collaged so they're not just flat printed cards.

The cards are a suitable gift alone, much more than a shop bought card.

These days many people are very busy a
nd have difficulty finding time

to shop for a suitable card, write a message and post it.

It's very difficult to find a card that is personalised in the way that I can personalise them.

It's rare to find a card that is a unique and thoughtful gift like people have told me my cards are.

So I had this web site designed to allow me to accept personalised card orders

and save the customer time and effort by also posting the card to the recipient.


When you're ordering the card you can request your own special message, you can email us jpeg images

that you would like on the card and you can suggest various design ideas, colours and fonts you would like to use.

This allows you creative input to maximise the personlisation of the card.


We hope you and the recipient of the card you choose and contribute to the

personalisation of enjoy the cardsposted4u experience.


Warm Regards

Marcia B


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